Individual dental training

Oral surgery and Implantology

Trainer: Dr. Kiril Zortev

Individual dental training

Oral surgery and Implantology

Trainer: Dr. Kiril Zortev


  • Comprehensive training from A to Z

    A comprehensive program covering Oral Surgery and Implantology in depth.

  • Building real skills

    A program built entirely on practical work.

  • Gain confidence to work

    Work on your own patient in Dr. Zortev's clinic and, during the course, gain invaluable experience to apply in your personal practice.

  • Full support from your trainer

    Take advantage of Dr. Zortev's help and after the training - assistance from him for your first cases with implants.

  • Focusing on science

    We do not organize our courses for commercial purposes. Our main priorities are extracting high value from training and immediate application of learning in practice.

Who is this course for?

The training is aimed at general dentists with an interest in implantology.

The program is specially built so that any dentist can start work, even if they have no experience.

General program

The program will take you through the entire implantology process – from A to Z.

  • Placement of a single implant
  • Multiple implantation
    • All on 4
    • All on 6
  • Implant exposure and soft tissue management
  • Jaw surgery
  • Sinus lift
  • Immediate load
  • Dentures on implants
  • Computer-guided implantology
  • Bone replacement
  • Completion of the case – instructions to the patient

In this course, we will go through the selection and fabrication of the correct abutment and crown for each implant, depending on the patient’s needs. You will learn how to master the whole process.

You will work and study in a fully equipped clinic, with its own laboratory, where you will see how you can be independent from a dental technician.

Why individual training?

You get the lecturer’s full attention, just for you. The program is 100% tailored to your level and pace, but without compromising the final result.

There is no better way to get the most out of the training process.

"In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice, however, there is."

Our experience shows that for many starting dentists, the step from theory to practice turns out to be too high a step. The best way for a professional to build confidence is through work and experience. This is exactly the purpose of this course – to give you enough action while working side by side with an experienced implantologist in the person of Dr. Kiril Zortev.

In order to guarantee quality and efficiency, places for the individual courses are limited.

Your course trainer

d-r Kiril Zortev
d-r Kiril Zortev

Dr. Kiril Zortev

Dr. Kiril Zortev graduated in dentistry at the Medical University, Varna. He started working as a dentist specializing in oral surgery and implantology.

Founder of DentInvest clinic – together with his team offers multidisciplinary treatment and diagnostics in the field of dentistry. Conducts dozens of trainings and participation in congresses in Bulgaria and abroad in the field of oral surgery, microsurgery, implantology and prosthetics.

He conducted training in implantology at the Dental University – Osaka, Japan. Defended master’s degree Oral surgery at the University of Dental Medicine in Tuscany, Italy.

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Training takes place entirely at the Dent Invest clinic in the city of Sofia, Bulgaria Blvd. 127, on the first floor of the St. Sofia Medical Center building. The clinic is equipped with modern equipment for complex diagnostics and treatment at the most modern level.

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