Orthodontic Treatment for Adults with Damon System

Price: 58.9 €

Lecturer: Trevor Nichols

DMD. Master of Science in Orthodontics. Speaker, author, and educator of orthodontics with unique experience in creating beautiful smiles. Partner at the world-renown Frost Orthodontics.


– Planning the result of orthodontic treatment
– Treatment of open bite class 2
– 5 keys to create a beautiful smile
– Soft tissue contour control: laser application
– Treatment of adult patients: the philosophy of the Damon system
– Non-surgical correction of class 2 and class 3 in adults
– Indications for the use of AdvanSync Herbst in adults
– Treatment protocol of class 3 in adults
– Indications for the use of bone plates and mini screws
– Methods of changing the shape of teeth during treatment.
Recommended for: Orthodontists.