Our story

Apriori Group is a scientific and innovative company in the field of healthcare.

Our roots go back to the 1980s, when Dr. Pencho Milkov Mateev, director of the dental department at Lazur Hospital, Varna, an innovator at heart and oriented towards the well-being and health of his patients, laid the foundations of metal-ceramic prosthetics in Bulgaria. It is a curious fact that at that time Bulgaria was ruled by the Communist Party and was under the strong influence of the Soviet Union. However, he managed to convince the then leadership and contact Western companies, purchasing the necessary equipment. So the era of dentistry begun in Bulgaria! Later, his experience was transferred to the Faculty of Dentistry.

His heirs continued his work, and one of them – Milko Mateev, develops a science-based company these days – Apriori. His father has always been his role model of inspiration, as someone who starts new endeavors despite his own fears, believing that he will succeed by chasing his dreams.

Milko Mateev is a supporter and defender of the green ideology. He is rather frustrated by the fact that humanity, satisfying its needs, does not pay attention to the environment and does not calculate the consequences of its large-scale influence on it.

His concept is that the achievement of sustainable business development must be in harmony with nature, man and his quality of life, and the achievement of the company’s economic goals. Financial plans should not pose a danger to people and the environment, but balanced policies should be developed. Mateev chooses all his investments based on these understandings.

How we do business

One of our driving forces is that the company is founded on family values, curiosity and a continuous drive for discovery, as well as the company’s responsibility to all employees, partners, the environment and society. Our goal is to continue to introduce and educate the medical community with the latest scientific research and products, working collaboratively with the global scientific community and accelerating the applications of scientific discoveries. We provide the opportunity to work and study with innovative medical approaches, technologies and services of the best quality. We are dedicated to the cause of improving the quality of life of as many people as possible.

Apriori’s vision is to continuously improve the services we offer. The quality we have achieved allows us develop our business sustainably. We are proud to offer our partners the best service at an excellent value.

In 2023, we complete what is foreseen in our investment policy in the field of dental medicine in Apriori Academy and start the next stage in our development, namely Apriori Pharma. Apriori Pharma’s mission will also be dedicated to green ideology. Bulgaria has excellent and untapped potential for the development of bio-economy, but a bold and ambitious vision is needed. We are ready to take on this challenge as well. We believe that we can be the missionaries for a better future.

Social responsibility

At Apriori, we consider it our moral duty to be a responsible member of society. For us, the end user is the main point of reference in the product and sales strategy and policy. We do our best to operate in a way that is economically sustainable and socially responsible, so we can ensure a better future.

We prefer partners who share our values, so that together we work not only to ensure profit, but also to increase the welfare of society. We always strive to conduct our business with the highest standards of business ethics. The values that have characterized our approach over the years impose a high professional standard and promote fair and correct relationships, both with our employees and with our business partners.