International Orthodontic Congress

Apriori Expo 2024

Innovative approaches in orthodontics: digitization, aligners and mini implants

10-11 February | Plovdiv

5 lectures | Hands-on x2

Apriori Expo 2024

International Orthodontic Congress

Innovative approaches in orthodontics:
digitalization, aligners and mini implants

10-11 February | International Fair Plovdiv

6 lecturers | 5 lectures | Hands-on x2

At Apriori, we have always put the practical work first. What is the point of theoretical knowledge if we can not apply it?

Organizing this congress, we again asked ourselves – what is going to be useful?

That is why we invite you to take a look into the future of orthodontics together.

Come with us to the first orthodontic edition of Apriori Expo, which will focus on innovations in orthodontics – digitalization, aligners, and mini-implants.

In the spirit of practice, the congress also contains 2 hands-on sessions – on the subject of bending orthodontic wires and working with mini-implants.

Meet the lecturers

*All lectures will be translated into English

Prof. Dr. Giovanni

For over 23 years, Prof. Dr. Biondi has been an instructor at the Tweed International Foundation for Orthodontic Research and Education (Tucson, USA). And in the period 2012-2018, he also held a seat on the board of directors of the foundation.

Dr. Francesco
di Corato

Dr. Di Corato practices at the FACExp Orthodontic Center in Parma. He is an associate in Professor Bosco’s Department of Gnathology at the Medical University of Pavia. Member of the Italian Orthodontic Society (SIDO).

Dr. Riccardo Ricotta

Dr. Ricotta has worked with Dr. Di Corato since his student years at the University of Pavia. Their joint professional journey continues to this day – at FACExp in Parma, as collaborators at the Gnatology Department in Pavia, etc

Dr. Mina Levy

An expert with more than 20 years of experience working with aligners. Dr. Mina Levy is a platinum-status Invisalign key leader for San Francisco, California. Owner of a high-end dental practice in downtown San Francisco – California Dental Innovations.

Dr. Keti Yovcheva

Dr. Yovcheva-dm has over 10 years of teaching experience at the Department of Orthodontics, FDM, MU Plovdiv. She strives in his clinical work to be in sync with modern scientific achievements and proven treatment techniques.

Dr. Trayko Balabanov

Dr. Balabanov has gained a large part of his skills and experience in Italy – a completed course in Gnathology, followed by an internship and a lot of practice with Dr. Masnata, Orthognathodontics specialty from the University of Pavia, etc. He is the author of his own textbook on Gnathology.


February 10, 2024

Day 1 of the congress contains five theoretical lectures.

08:30 – 09:30


09:30 – 10:30

Dr. Keti Yovcheva

Early orthodontic treatment with mechanical and functional appliances

Early orthodontic treatment in the period of mixed dentition allows optimal occlusal correlations or facilitates and shortens the treatment time in permanent dentition. A first phase of orthodontic treatment is justified if it brings additional benefits to the patient. Our main goals are the correction of improper oral functions and the support of normal skeletal development. In this lecture we will answer the following questions:

  • When do we treat?
  • How do we treat?
  • Why do we treat?

*The lecture will be translated into English.

10:30 – 11:00

Coffee break

11:00 – 12:30

Prof. Dr. Giovanni  Biondi

Controlling verticality as the key to treatment

  • How do we find out in which patients vertical control is the key?
  • How to manage it to achieve maximum good results?

*The lecture will be translated into English.

12:30 – 13:30


13:30 – 15:00

Dr. Francesco di Corato

Dr. Riccardo Ricotta

Digital workflow and TADs: Treatment Strategies

15:00 – 15:30

Coffee break

15:30 – 16:30

Dr. Mina Levy

Posterior open bite with clear aligners treatment – Management and Prevention.

With improperly planned treatment with aligners, there is over an 80% chance that the patient will develop an open bite problem.
In this lecture, Dr. Levy will talk about this phenomenon – why it occurs and how to avoid it.

  • How to identify an open bite in aligner treatment
  • How to detect the causes of the open bite
  • How to treat an open bite during aligner treatment
  • Techniques to prevent open bite in aligner treatment
  • Attachment protocol to prevent open bite

*The lecture will be translated into English.

16:30 – 17:30

Dr. Trayko Balabanov

Five mistakes in modern orthodontics

There are many things in orthodontics that can be done to improve a patient’s aesthetics and function. There are those that will almost certainly lead the orthodontic treatment to fail.
In this session, we will look at some of the most important misconceptions, claims, and approaches in the field of modern orthodontics.


*The lecture will be translated into English.

February 11, 2024

Day 2 of the congress is focused on practice.
Contains 2 hands-on workshops.

09:00 – 14:30

Prof. Dr. Giovanni  Biondi

Bending of orthodontic wires

How to improve our Straight-wire system results, by bending wires, achieving the required type, torque, or in-out of a single or group of teeth.

Even today, in the 21st century, despite the enormous development of technology and materials, the mandatory goal of the orthodontist should be to follow the basic orthodontic principles of treatment planning, as well as not to cross biological boundaries.

“In orthodontics and dental medicine, there are certain biological and aesthetic principles that are inviolable, regardless of what magical method we use” (V.G. Kokich).

There is no doubt that the individualized control of tooth movements in three dimensions, by correctly placing information on the orthodontic wires, despite the information placed in the brackets, should be basic knowledge for every orthodontist.

The workshop will guide you in the approach and application of the basic concepts necessary to achieve high results in our profession.

15:30 – 17:30

Dr. Francesco di Corato

Dr. Riccardo Ricotta

Palatal skeletal anchorage from theory to practice

This theoretical and practical workshop is dedicated to palatal skeletal anchorage.

The application of miniscrews on palate is useful for a lot of devices and strategies in ortodontics. It is possible to insert miniscrews with or without guide.

During this workshop we are going to explore in details guided procedure, from planning to realization, in order to introduce this particular option in your clinical routine.

Participate in the congress

Early registration until January 11

Day 1

Theoretical part
470EUR 270EUR
  • Access to all 5 lectures from Day 1
  • Meet with colleagues
  • Special offers at the stands of our partners
  • Coffee, beverages and snacks

Day 2

Practical part (hands-on)
750EUR 500EUR
  • Participation in a selected Hands-on workshop
  • Provided materials and instruments
  • Coffee, beverages and snacks
  • The seats are limited

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