Diagnostic protocol: instrumental, cephalometric analyzes, bruxchecker

Price: 58.9 €

Lecturer: Nazzareno Bassetti

He is the author of the book “THE VERTICAL DIMENSION IN PRTHESIS AND ORHOGNATODONTICS” Integration betwen function and aesthetics. Active member of the Italian Association of Gnatologists.

Skills I will learn in the course

Treatment methods:
  • Rudolf Slavicek’s concept
  • TMJ dysfunction
General questions:
  • Bruxchecker
  • Kinematic facebow


– Evolution of gnathology. History
– Occlusal concepts by Professor Slavicek
– Diagnostic protocol: instrumental clinical analysis
– TMJ: healthy and pathological joint
– Signs and symptoms of dysfunction
– Aesthetic and functional cephalometric analysis, ODI, APDI, FH
– Dental photography. Protocol
– Using bruxcheckers. Reading rules
– ICP, RP and TRP concept of mandibular reposition
– An interdisciplinary approach in patient treatment
– Ideal aesthetics of mimesis concept
– Equipments: articulator, anatomic and kinematic facebow, variator (CPV)
– Transfer with anatomical face bow.

Recommended for: Functional dentists.