Practical orthodontics with Dr. Balabanov – first opinions?

Dr. Balabanov’s first training in Sofia has ended and we already have the first opinions from students.

It is not by chance that we titled the course “Practical Orthodontics” – the program is strongly oriented towards practical activity, along with theoretical lectures.

It was extremely exciting for us to organize training that included real work on a patient! The group was small – only 7 people, but this did not prevent us from forming an atmosphere of team spirit and mutual assistance.

Considerable time and focused attention was given to each patient and their case. In this way, all trainees benefited from the diversity of specific cases. Because, as every orthodontist realizes for himself soon after starting his practice, there is a big difference between theoretical knowledge and working with real patients.

This was also Dr. Balabanov’s goal with this course – to help each participant go from theory to confident practice.

Since we have already received a lot of inquiries – yes, there will be a next edition of the “Practical Orthodontics” training with Dr. Balabanov.

It will start on June 21 and will be held in 5 modules, within the next 4 months until the end of October.

Until the end of March, you can take advantage of the best price – BGN 12,000 for all 5 modules in total.

Orthodontics | Sofia – Dr. Balabanov | Apriori Academy

And here are the promised opinions from our first graduating class:

Here are photos from the first edition of the course, as well as from the successful completion of the participants: