Apriori opens two Training Centers

Apriori Academy opens 2 Training Centers – one in Sofia and another in Varna.

This is something new and quite different. So let’s take a step back and explain our Why and How before we move on to What These Centers Are.

Why do we do it?

Apriori’s goal has always been for our students to be successful. It may sound trivial, but it’s a fact, and we think our hands-on courses and testimonials prove it time and time again.

How do we achieve it?

As you know, all our courses are extremely practice oriented. Theoretical knowledge is great and absolutely mandatory. But any young dentist will confirm that the difficulty goes to a whole other level when he faces his first real cases in his solo practice. Unfortunately, the system rarely prepares us enough for this.

In order to soften this collision of young dentists with reality, our trainings contain a large part of practice. For example, Dr. Traiko Balabanov’s Orthodontic program includes work on his own patient.

What are the Apriori Training Centers?

Our training centers, also known as Training Centers, are dental clinics where our trainees will have the opportunity to treat a patient under the supervision of an experienced specialist. Thus, they will gain valuable experience to confidently develop their own practice.

This service will be offered in various forms.

One option is for a trainee to bring their own patient to the clinic to work on them with a variable level of intervention from our specialists – according to their personal experience and needs.

Another option is a trainee who does not have a patient but wants to gain practice. We will suggest suitable cases for him or her to practice on. Again, with the opportunity to receive help and guidance from the experienced dentists at the Training Center.

Our centers offer full working conditions and impeccable equipment – CBCT scanner, microscope, implantology and surgical sets, intraoral scanners and much more. And, as already mentioned – a team of trained specialists with solid experience behind them, ready to assist wherever and whenever you need them.

Very soon we will announce more details about our first two Training Centers in Sofia and Varna.

If you have any questions, contact us on +359 884 019 777, write to us on Facebook or at info@apriori-academy.com.